Separators for food, dairy and beverage

Separation innovation for quality food products

Nearly all types of food and beverage processors depend on separation equipment. Alfa Laval has a complete range of centrifugal separators to match the diverse industry demands. From beverage and dairy industrial centrifuges to solutions for starch, edible oil, protein and more, each model is carefully designed to provide an optimal fit for its application. Improved product quality, hygiene and efficiency ensure you can meet the demands of your consumers and market today as well as tomorrow.


Separation innovation for quality food products

  • Safe and efficient performance for liquid-liquid  and solid-liquid separation

  •  Gentle handling to deliver high-quality products to your consumers

  • Features to minimize and eliminate the risk of dissolved oxygen pick-up

  • Reduced OPEX thanks to minimal maintenance needs and the market’s lowest energy consumption

  • Fast access to service support from a global network of experienced  separator technicians

Your choice - our mission

Separation equipment can have a critical impact on both the quality of your products and your profitability. We have developed centrifuge technology with a focus on ensuring reliable performance along with the lowest possible total cost of ownership. We work closely with you to find the right solution for your needs from the market’s widest portfolio of food, beverage and dairy separators. With decades of experience in food and beverage separation, we also have the expertise to configure your equipment according to the way you work and the  unique taste you want to achieve for your products.  


Separators for beer processing

Separators for small craft breweries

Brew 20_front_side_640x360.png

Separators for large industrial breweries



Separators for beverage processing

Clara series - for juice, wine, tea and coffee processing

PurePulp - for continuous removal of pulp from juice

CR series - for citrus de-oiling and peel oil recovery


Separators for starch processing

Merco 32 - for starch processing

Merco32_Product image_640x360.png

Merco 38 - for higher capacity in starch processing



Separators for protein processing

AFPX range - for recovery of proteins from meat, fish, blood

PX range - for gentle processing of animal fats


Separators for edible oil processing

VO range - for vegetable oil processing

UVPX range - for olive oil processing

PX range - for vegetable oil processing

Proactive condition monitoring for maximum uptime

To ensure the best, long-term separation, breweries with top-of-the-line Alfa Laval hermetic centrifuges can also take advantage of top-of-the-line connected services. Available as part of an Alfa Laval Performance Agreement, proactive condition monitoring measures vital data about the real-time performance of your equipment and alerts you if action is needed. This helps you keep your equipment in top condition at all times and avoid the risk of costly unplanned downtime.

Separator Innovator - tudásbázis

Szeretne többet megtudni a szeparáció terén bevezetett technológiai újításokról? Kattintson az alábbi hivatkozásra. Az Alfa Laval találta fel az első tárcsasoros szeparátort, és több mint egy évszázada vezető szerepet tölt be a centrifuga-technológia fejlesztésében. Örömünkre szolgál, hogy megoszthatjuk Önnel az út során szerzett szakértelmünket. Látogasson el a Separator Innovator elnevezésű tudásbázisunkra, és tudjon meg többet a szeparáció terén elért fejlesztésekről, valamint a technológia további forradalmasítására tett lépésekről.