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On this page you can read about some of the newest releases from Alfa Laval’s brazed heat exchanger portfolio and find upcoming events and exhibitions.

Alfa Laval’s range of brazed plate heat exchangers are ideal for a wide range of heating and cooling applications. They offer efficient heat transfer under extreme temperatures and pressures within a smaller footprint than comparable options on the market. And all of that is on top of a long lifecycle with low service needs.  

At Alfa Laval, we are committed to constantly improving the performance and capabilities of our heat exchanger technology. We have an extensive research and development organization, with leading industry experts whose knowledge is continuously reinvested into new innovations.

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More possibilities for transcritical CO2 duties

The new Alfa Laval AXP82 combines exceptional mechanical performance and low pressure drop in a frameless heat exchanger optimized for use with CO2. With AXP82, it’s now possible to use the same model for a wide kW range of transcritical duties. And a new channel plate with patented features improves mechanical and thermal fatigue resistance, giving you superior reliability of efficient heat transfer under demanding pressure and temperature cycles.

Reduce your charge. Increase your potential.

Discover hitherto untapped potential for greater sustainability in commercial refrigeration, ground source heat pumps and more. Alfa Laval CB24 is the market’s first compact condenser fully optimized for propane (R290). With advanced engineering – including our patented asymmetrical channel plate design – it’s possible to minimize the refrigerant charge while boosting thermal efficiency. You get a safe, reliable, sustainable solution that’s fully compliant with the strictest regulations.

Sustainability? Think smarter with the new Alfa Laval AC74

Increased thermal efficiency, reduced consumption of raw materials, and a design optimized for environmentally friendly, low-GWP refrigerants. Discover a flexible, sustainable solution for air conditioners, process chillers and more with the new Alfa Laval AC74 family of plate heat exchangers.

Gyors kiválasztó program

Az Alfa Laval gyors kiválasztó program egy egyszerűen használható eszköz, amely segítséget nyújt az alkalmazáshoz megfelelő megoldás kiválasztásához. Ezenfelül feltünteti a helyi Alfa Laval partnerek listáját is, így a kiválasztott termékre rögtön árajánlatot is kérhet.

Az Ön fűtés- és hűtéstechnikai központi portálja

A hőcsere terén több évtizedes tapasztalattal rendelkező Alfa Laval szakszerű forrásokat kínál napjaink fűtéssel és hűtéssel kapcsolatos kihívásaihoz. Ismerje meg a komplex kérdésekre adott válaszokat az energiahatékonyságtól kezdve a természetes hűtőközegekig, valamint azokat a hasznos eszközöket, amelyek megkönnyítik az alkalmazásához megfelelő technológia kiválasztását.

Minimum risk. Maximum thermal performance.

Introducing our new generation of double-wall brazed heat exchangers. Built with our three-barrier technique, the new Alfa Laval double-wall brazed plate heat exchangers give you the greatest protection against media mixing. Unlike traditional double-wall designs, there is limited loss to efficiency, ensuring your system achieves the highest possible thermal performance.