Tomato-based products

Highlighted Alfa Laval Innovative Equipment

Alfa Laval Unique SSV Long Stroke Valve

pneumatic seat valves Unique SSV longstrokeMinimizes product shear, and is used widely in tomato-based product applications where shear thinning is an issue.

Alfa Laval SRU Rotary Lobe Pump

SRU Rotary Lobe PumpStrong, sturdy, and reliable, Alfa Laval SRU rotary lobe pumps ensure gentle and efficient pumping while minimizing damage to ingredients, stabilizer complexes, and particulates.

Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Head

rotary jet head

 The high impact from the four jet nozzles of the Alfa Laval rotary jet heads ensures cleaning is fast and efficient.

Alfa Laval installation materials

hygienic handling installation materialsAvailable in pipes and bends, AL-6XN alloys guarantee resistance to corrosion for challenging foods with high salinity or low pH, such as tomato-based products.

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