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At Alfa Laval, we are continually working to DRIVE PROGRESS. We do our best to anticipate the optimal path forward for our customers, our employees, and the environment. Together, we OPTIMIZE PROCESSES and build seamless solutions that help our customers overcome their toughest challenges. We work tirelessly to MAKE THEIR SUCCESS OUR MISSION. Working together, we can create responsible, sustainable growth that benefits both PEOPLE AND THE PLANET. Making the world better, every day.

Tom Erixon President and CEO Alfa Laval Group

"One thing I’ve learned in my time at Alfa Laval is the vital role our customers play in pushing us to improve. Your curiosity fuels our curiosity; your passion fuels our passion. Working together helps us better serve both you and the climate."

tom erixon ceo alfa laval group

Az Alfa Laval hozzájárul a globális célokhoz

Az Egyesült Nemzetek Szervezete elfogadta a Globális célkitűzésekként ismert, 2030-ig végrehajtandó 17 Fenntartható fejlődési célt, és a világ vezetői megígérték, hogy teljesítik ezeket. Most már a miénkhez hasonló vállalatokon a sor, hogy hozzásegítsük őket ehhez.

Nézze meg, hogyan járulnak hozzá az Alfa Laval termékei a Globális célkitűzéshez


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Sustainability Report 2020


The report highlights our objectives in different sustainability areas, our yearly progress and how our products and solutions can contribute to sustainable development.

Read the highlights, dive into the cases and when you are done – don’t forget to tell us what you think!


Sustainability Report 2020


..brings you the latest insights, analysis and inspiration from the world of Alfa Laval — and beyond. With a focus on how processes can be improved to save energy and protect the environment, Here explores global and local challenges and the innovations and solutions that can address them.

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